For whom this proposal?

Working terminal network

If you already are owner of terminal network, we can offer you an individual package of services aimed at optimizing your costs associated with the scheme of agency work, and we can implement complex software to improve the efficiency of the network.

For the future owners of terminal networks

Our bank offers the full package of services for beginners in this type of business: everything you need for work, whether banking or software, as well consulting services — we are ready to offer all for you today. Do not waste your time – please contact us today and your business will work tomorrow.


What does include our proposal?

Professional personal services of banking accounts and all necessary services for this particular type of business

The ability to run the terminal business with more than 2,000 possible services for receiving of payments with profitable agency scheme

Checked solutions in the software for creating branded self-service networks


Incredibly fast start of business!

Today, the startup business of self-service terminal networks is an average of 90 days and above.

But thanks to our package, you can run the business within 5 working days.

How do we do it? It's simple — our software in the software industry of recent years helps to create multifunction system of full cycle.

What do you need for start?

  • To be a registered private entrepreneur or legal entity which is entitled to the selected type of business
  • Call to our bank or send a completed short application and our manager will coordinate all necessary issues for meeting.
  • Come to the bank branch and sign prepared documents and receive all the necessary documents.
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