What is a PROSTIR card?

Private clients

A PROSTIR card is a payment card, which enables its holder to pay for goods or services at retailers, withdraw cash, transfer money to another card, and so on. The card is equipped with a magnetic stripe and/or a chip and contactless technology. NPS PROSTIR cards allow effecting transactions specifically with hryvnia, domestic currency, within Ukraine and on Ukrainian websites.


PROSTIR payment system provides banks with an economically justified opportunity to lower tariffs for trade and service enterprises. For more information on tariffs for acquiring PROSTIR cards, please refer to our bank or PROSTIR member banks.


More possibilities with PROSTIR

PROSTIR card holder will be able to pay from his/her card to another PROSTIR card The service will be available shortly

PROSTIR payment system strives to reward PROSTIR card holders for loyalty. Therefore, PROSTIR will soon introduce its own loyalty program

PROSTIR Card holders will get an easy access PROSTIR payment system services through a mobile app. PROSTIR mobile app will be available shortly


Virtual PROSTIR card will be useful for active clients of Ukrainian online shops. Virtual Card ensures minimum risk of fraud in Internet payments

PROSTIR cards are an easy and secure way to pay in the Ukrainian Internet domain

PROSTIR cards have a built-in contactless technology. PROSTIR cards allow one to pay for underground trips in Kyiv directly on a ticket-gate.


PROSTIR card advantages

  • PROSTIR is an EMV CPA-based system. ATMs and terminals are fully compatible with international payment systems’ technical standards
  • About 80 % of POS-terminals and ATMs can already process PROSTIR payment cards
  • Internet payments and settlements can be done with PROSTIR cards
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