Documentary Operations

Documentary operations are a group of banking operations for minimization of risk of payment transactions participants, as on the international, as on domestic market for optimization costs under Contracts and making more flexible, reliable and convenient for partners the payment terms of those Contracts.

Letter of Credit — it is an undertaking/promise given by a Bank/Financial Institute on behalf of the Buyer/Importer to the Seller/Exporter, that, if the Seller/Exporter presents the complying documents to the Buyer's designated Bank/Financial Institute as specified by the Buyer/Importer in the Purchase Agreement then the Buyer's Bank/Financial Institute will make payment to the Seller/Exporter.

PJSC CB “Center” offer the following documentary operations products and services:

• Letter of Credit (from simplest to highly structured transactions);
• letters of credit in the national currency for payments between legal entities on the territory of Ukraine;
• Documentary and clean collection.
• Issue the guarantee operations;
• Consult on an issue related with transactions under letters of credit, collections, guarantee operations in any stages of those transactions (including the stage of contract negotiation).

Tariffs for documentary operations for clients of PJSC CB “Center”

Tariffs for Bank Guarantee issuing in national currency

Tariffs for Bank Guarantee issuing in foreign currency


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