Fund Deposit Guarantee

Fund Deposit Guarantee

PJSC CB «Center» is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for individuals from 30 August 2010, certificate number 210 of 30 August 2010.

Information for investors about TERMS OF BANKING DEPOSITS OF ATTRACTION (Pursuant to the requirements of paragraph. 3.4. Regulations on the procedure for informing the public about the system of guaranteeing deposits of individuals, approved by the executive management of the Fund Deposit Guarantee number 10 from 23.07.2012 g., Registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for the number 1370/21682 from 14.08 .2012 g.)

1. The actions of the Bank at the end of the term of the deposit (including the internal transfer the deposit amount to the current account), the interest rate that will be accrued on funds held in this account:

On the day of completion of the storage deposits, the Bank calculates and returns the depositor deposit amount and the amount of interest on the depositor's current account opened in PJSC CB «Center», MFO 380472.

The deposit amount and interest can be repaid through the issuance of cash from cash or by bank transfer to another account depositor, provided he submits the relevant application at least 2 banking days prior to the expiration of deposit. The bank serves as the fiscal agent and keeps with accrued interest on deposit income tax in the manner and amounts prescribed by the Tax Code of Ukraine.

Interest and funds held on current account, are charged according to current tariffs of the Bank, which is available on the premises of the Bank and on the bank's website. 2. The procedure start and end the accrual of interest on deposits: Interest begins from the day following receipt of depositor funds to and ending on the day preceding the expiration date of deposit contributions, or the day preceding the return of deposits on other grounds provided by this Treaty and the laws of Ukraine.

Interest accrued on actual cash balance in the account.

Interest accrued by the «fact / fact». That is the calculation of the interest taken by calendar days a year, in the month — the number of calendar days, the day crediting of the account and the return date (payment) funds from the account in the calculation of interest cannot be accepted.

3. Procedure for extension of contracts under the Civil Code of Ukraine:

By agreement, the terms can be reviewed, including the term of the deposit by entering into additional agreement to the deposit agreement in writing or by entering into a new deposit agreement. 4. Procedure for early termination of the deposit agreement or bank account: Return of the deposit at the initiative of the Depositor before the expiry of the Agreement store deposit is not provided. Action Account Agreement may be terminated in the event of closure of the Account on the basis of a written application form Client installed after the settlement between the Bank and the Client in full.

5. Schedule bank's cash department, phone:

 Bank: Monday-Friday from 9-00 to 18-00.

Cashier: Monday-Thursday from 9-30 to 17-00,

Friday from 9-30 to 16-45

Phone: (044) 393-74-00, 393-74-06.

Procedure for reimbursement of deposits

6. The refund on deposits

7. Disclosures by the issuer of securities Regular annual information issuer:



For more information, please contact the Bank by calling (044) 393-74-00.
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