About the Bank


Our mission: «Creating a stable financial institution with high growth potential and synergies with international financial institutions.»

«Our mission says that we exist for our clients meet their everyday financial needs, freeing up resources for something more important than a trip to the bank».

Illya Klymovych, CEO of PJSC CB «Center».

This mission in one sentence captures the essence of our service, relieve financial solutions and full range of innovative services.



Employees accept the principle of full responsibility, starting with themselves, their personal lives and finishing work in the company. Our responsibility and our support compulsory — we always do what is promised to the client, manager, employee or colleague. We are not afraid to take responsibility and do it consciously when and where needed to maximize the interests of customers.


We are not for process and to achieve specific objectives aimed at the development of our company and our clients.


We are efficient in everything we do. We are constantly upgrading its performance and reducing costs, achieving the most optimal solutions. All employees most effectively use their time.


In the center of each of our services — customer solutions and its specific problems. We know what living our clients are able to put yourself in their place and are constantly improving their work, based on an understanding of the real motives and needs of our customers.


We do not stand still, and always strive to become better in all aspects of our business. Continuously developing customer relationships. We think about the professional development of employees.


Public Joint Stock Company “Commercial Bank “Center” was created on the basis of the resolution of the meeting of founders of 22 April 2010.

The National Bank of Ukraine registered PJSC CB “Center” in the State Register of Banks on 14 June 2010 under No.334.

The banking license was received on 6 August 2010 under No. 257.

In August 2010, Bank Center began servicing individuals and legal entities, offering them product line and services.

2011-2012, Center Bank continued its development and purchased software package IFOBS (Client-Bank for legal entities)

December 2014 — the bank begins to develop its own payment site www.centerpay.net for individuals cardholders.

In 2015, the Bank became a member of the international payment system MASTERCARD Int.

In September 2015, the bank acquired center protsesing system OPENWAY.

2016 — Bank Center, started positioning itself as an Online bank.

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